Facts About the Vivo V21


If you wish to buy Vivo V21, it will be helpful if you first check out the device features. The images are just for example purpose only. Actual picture may vary from the phone which is used for demonstration purpose. So, while buying try to know about the main features of the device so that you can make a right selection.

The body of the vivo v 21 has been made using the revolutionary glass material. It is made by means of molding the two curved glass panels together and the surface is lined with a soft plastic. This makes the smartphone easy to hold with one hand. Even the camera of the smartphone is very easy to use and it features a self-cleaning sensor which deletes the dirt as soon as it is picked up. vivo v21

The body of the vivo v 21 also features an 8GB Ram of flash memory. The Camera lens is placed beneath the screen of the smartphone and it can also accommodate USB type C camera as well. The battery life of the smartphone is much long than others. It offers around ten hours of talk time.

The main camera of the vivo v 21 has been built-in with the Venus Eye imaging technology. The lens is enclosed in a metallic body which has been covered by a hard metallic case. The Venus Eye has been designed to take photos even in low lighting situation. The main camera has a self-cleaning sensor which deletes the camera flash after about ten minutes. It has a high definition camera flash charge, octa-core mediatek dim density 800u processor and an external USB port.

There is also another unique feature of the vivo v 21 that comes as a result of the phone’s rear camera. This feature is called the Dual Shot Sensor. It is similar to the rear cameras of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Mini and Nokia E71. As this feature is an automatic unit, the smartphone instantly processes the information from the rear camera.

There are two additional features which can be found on the rear camera of the vivo v 21. One of them is called the funtouch os and the other one is the instant photography mode. With the funtouch os, the consumer will get the chance to experience the fun touch interface of the smartphone. The moment the consumer presses on the front LED, the rear camera will automatically turn on and start capturing images.

Meanwhile, the other major highlight of the Vivo V21 can be referred to as the selfies. This feature is very useful for people who are always on the go. When the consumer uses the 5G handset, then he/she can be sure that they will get the best out of the deal. The connectivity on the back of the handset is very good and it supports the operation of almost all the communication protocols including the HSDPA, GSM and EDGE. The connectivity of the vivo v 21 also features a micro USB connector that is used to connect the camera with the smartphone.

Another great feature of the vivo v 21 is its ability to play games on the Google play store. It has been said that this handset has the ability to play games on different high end smartphones such as the iPhone and the HTC Evo Shift. The handset also has access to Google Now and has the latest version of Android operating system installed on it. With all these features and more, the Vivo V 21 is surely a great device that can be considered by people who are in search of an ideal smartphone that has all the great features mentioned above.